Whole Body Cryotherapy

Whole Body Cryotherapy is a treatment in which the body is exposed to extreme cold to rapidly lower the skin surface temperature. The sudden drop in temperature triggers the skin’s cold receptors to activate the body’s most powerful survival mechanism. The process never freezes skin tissues, muscles or organs.  The result is only a “feeling” of being cold.The client stands in the cryochamber which fills with nitrogen, a non-toxic gas that makes up 78% of the air we breathe. The client stands on a platform in the cryosauna which is raised so that the head is above the chamber and the nitrogen vapors. The client breathes normal room air.

The brain reacts to the skin sensors by stimulating the regulatory functions of the body and releasing anti-inflammatory proteins and endorphins into the bloodstream and a rapid circulation of oxygen-rich blood throughout the body.

Cryotherapy Facts & Numbers

Whole Body Cryotherapy has been used in Europe and Asia for over thirty years, originally developed to treat pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis. It has since been researched and refined, and now Sports, Health and Spa professionals in the U.S. use WBC for muscle recovery, inflammation reduction, pain management and skin care.
  • -238°F to -274°F: the temperature in the cryochamber
  • 30°F to 32°F: the skin surface temperature
  • 2-3 minutes: length of a whole body cryotherapy session
  • 10 sessions within 30 days: recommended frequency to get started and achieve optimal results
  • 10 minutes: recommended time of light exercise post cryo-session to extend the period of analgesia

Why use Whole Body Cryotherapy?

People from a wide range of lifestyles and ages are a good candidate for this treatment. While it is ideal for athletes seeking muscle recovery, those with chronic pain and inflammatory conditions, and those seeking weight loss and skin rejuvenation, it is also highly recommended for individuals who simply want to improve their overall health and appearance. Cryotherapy is also used post-surgery to accelerate healing and reduce pain without the side effects of pain medications. Younger clients, ages 10 to 18, can use WBC with parental consent.

WBC stimulates the body to release endorphins, the hormones that make us feel alert and energetic. The buoyant effects from each session typically last for six to eight hours. Many clients report improvements in their sleep quality after cryotherapy. Professional athletes in the NBA, MLB, NHL and NFL have made WBC an important part of their recovery treatment programs. Multiple research studies have been published in medical journals about the positive effects of whole body cryotherapy, and in many European countries the treatments are covered by medical insurance policies.

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