Cryotherapy has been a trend among European athletes for years. Now, the U.S. market has finally caught on, too. From Kobe Bryant to Jessica Alba, this treatment has a high-profile list of advocates.

What does this mean for you as a high performance athlete? This is a trend that’s here to stay, so don’t miss out on the latest way to keep your body at its best.

We’ve put together an essential guide to the major reasons this is a great way to keep your body at peak functionality. Read on to find out why every high performance athlete needs to experience this treatment for themselves!

What Cryotherapy Does for High Performance Athletes

Once, athletes took ice baths to help muscles recover. Cryotherapy takes the idea of cold treatment to a whole new level.

In this treatment, you spend a little over two minutes standing in a cylinder that’s pumped full of icy cold air. You might experience temperatures as low as 300 below.

It’s extreme, but it works. Let’s take a look some of the major ways this treatment benefits athletes.

1. Blood Gets Re-Oxygenated

At extremely cold temperatures, your body redirects blood to your core. For short periods of time, this can actually be beneficial, since the core is where your blood picks up valuable nutrients and oxygen.

Your brain will also reroute blood to other areas of your body that seem to need it most. This means your most fatigued muscles will get the blood flow they need to recover faster.

2. It’s Not as Cold as You Think

Because of the extreme nature of the treatment, many people may shy away from it on principle.

However, the experience actually isn’t all that unpleasant. It’s a very short treatment, and doesn’t involve getting wet, so it can actually feel less cold than an ice bath.

3. Prevent Visual Signs of Aging

Cryotherapy isn’t just good for recovery after intense exercise. It can also have long-lasting benefits on the surface of your skin, as well.

The highly oxygenated, nutrient-rich blood that benefits your muscles also rushes to the surface of your skin post-treatment. This helps bring skin cells what they need to rejuvenate.

4. Reduce Inflammation

That blood flow also has another benefit: reducing inflammation all over the body. Whether it’s inflamed, red skin or muscles that are in recovery mode, the rush of blood to the parts of your body that need it most will help get rid of inflammation, irritants, and toxins.

5. Get a Rush

Many people experience a feeling of heightened energy just after the treatment ends. You’ll feel an increase in focus as oxygen rushes into your brain and greater energy as it hits your extremities.

Try Cryotherapy Today

As a high performance athlete, you know that taking care of your body is a way of life.

Post-workout recovery is just as important as the workout itself. It helps prevent injuries and keep you going for future performance. Make cryotherapy a part of your post-workout routine now, and you’ll be primed to reach the next level of athleticism.

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