You’ve tried it all. You’ve left your skin alone, you’ve done crazy facials, you’ve even considered going under the knife.

Whatever it is, if it claims to slow down the aging process, it’s got your attention.

Anti aging skin treatments don’t have to be expensive, complicated, or intense in order to be effective.

Before you end up doing more harm than good to your skin, learn how you can actually harness the power of youth through basic skincare and cryotherapy.

Get Back to Basics

Sometimes, mother really does know best.

Remember everything she taught you growing up? Always wear sunscreen, remember to take off all your makeup before bed, and ditch the cigarettes?

Well, as you age, her advice becomes more important than ever. Even if you weren’t exactly careful around the sun in your younger days, it’s never too late to turn over a new leaf.

Don’t believe us?

Then check out this picture of sun-damaged skin under a UV light. The lesson?

Just because your skin looks good, doesn’t mean it’s not severely damaged. Embrace beach-chic with a hat, sunglasses, and loads of sunblock.

Also, no matter how exhausted you are, make it a point to at least take off your makeup with a remover wipe before bed. Even as an adult, you could still be prone to acne if your slept-in makeup clogs your pores. Plus, if it creases, your wrinkles will become more pronounced!

The good news?

You don’t need to use harsh exfoliants, chemical peels, or intense cleansers to get clean. In fact, over-exfoliating can sometimes speed up the aging process!

Instead, stick to a gentle cleanser for best results.

Embrace Cryotherapy

Now, let’s talk gadgets and $500 face creams.

While many of these high-tech, budget-busting aging skin treatments might make you feel like you’re doing a lot, most of them aren’t really effective.

Case in point?

Cult product La Mer is really nothing but $5 Nivea.

So, which treatments actually are effective?

You may have heard about cryotherapy, which is where you enter a freezing cold chamber designed to rapidly change the temperature of your body.

Because your body has to fight to stay warm and “survive,” you get a rush of endorphins, proteins, and more.

Originally, cryotherapy was used to treat injured athletes and chronic pain/arthritis. However, now it’s become a popular anti aging skin treatment. Not only will it keep you feeling your best, but it will also stimulate your skin and increase cell turnover/production!

This keeps you looking younger, more lively, and refreshed for longer.

Where Can You Find Cryotherapeutic Anti Aging Skin Treatments?

Are you ready to combine your basic skincare routine with cryotherapy?

If so, you can rely on our experienced spa professionals to take you through every step of the process. It might sound like a lot, but there’s absolutely no reason to be intimidated.

Plus, we know you’ll love the results!

Get in touch with us to schedule your appointment. You’re already well on your way to looking younger than everyone at your next reunion.