Cryo spas are all the rage. They are skyrocketing in popularity and for good reason. Studies show that cryotherapy has many proven benefits. Celebs and sports athletes alike are all turning towards cryotherapy to boost energy levels, aid muscle recovery, and alleviate stress.

Celebs and sports athletes alike are all turning towards cryotherapy to boost energy levels, aid muscle recovery, and alleviate stress.

The unique benefits of using a cryo spa can benefit your health, mobility, and recovery from strenuous activity. Want to drop some quick pounds before a big event or wedding or improve the appearance of your skin?

It’s time to hit your local Cryo spa.

While exposing your body to extreme freezing temperatures, the cooling induces a number of physiologic changes in your body. The blood vessels constrict while blood moves away from your limbs and right towards your organs, creating a healing effect.

We’ve created the ultimate guide to cryotherapy and the unique benefits it has to offer:

1. Decreases Inflammation

Much like ice, when cryotherapy is used it reduces inflammation in the body. It allows healing to occur in multiple areas at a time. The auto-target capabilities of a cryo spa offer a full body treatment performed in just minutes.

It works efficiently and oversees the healing for a vast range of crucial functions. It improves communicating nerve impulses to your organs, and some believe it might be the missing link to treating chronic inflammation.

2. Increases Metabolism

As your outer layer of skin is reduced to a freezing temperature, your body then boosts your metabolism and burns up calories as it tries to warm you up. It takes a lot of energy to reheat the body.

During a three minute session can burn anywhere from 500-800 calories when the skin is cooled down to 35 degrees. As your body tries to rectify this, major calorie burn occurs.

3. Mood Boost

Forget your antidepressants because Cyro spa is here. The procedure releases endorphins into your bloodstream and you can feel your mood immediately boost for hours on end with treatment.

The endorphins also decrease the sensitivity of pain receptors and can actually reduce your pain perception. As your cortisol levels are reduced you will leave your session feeling like you are on cloud nine.

4. Cyro Spa Can Boost Collagen

At your local Cyro spa, you can actually lessen the appearance of wrinkles and boost your skin’s collagen. Routine cryotherapy can put a fire underneath your collagen matrix and increase production levels through the freezing temperature.

It will improve your skin’s appearance and resilience. A Cyro spa session can even help you get rid of fatty deposits at your skin’s surface, otherwise known as cellulite.

5. Reduces Chronic Fatigue and Pain

If you suffer from chronic pain or fatigue, a Cryo spa can greatly benefit you. While some people experience hours of relief, others enjoy relief that is much longer lasting.

Participants have stated that three minutes of cold is worth the hours of alleviation from their extreme chronic pain. One study shows that cryotherapy helped fibromyalgia patients reduce their pain levels.

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