Did you know the stretches and breathing during Yoga have been shown to boost body and self-awareness, protect the heart, build muscle strength and support endurance and flexibility according to Harvard Health Publishing?

This means that the benefits of stretching are far-reaching and worth a spot in your daily schedule. As a serious athlete, you won’t want to short-cut over the stretches.

Let’s take a look at 5 reasons you need to adopt a full body stretching routine.

1. Boosts Body and Self-Awareness

Body awareness can be enhanced in a number of ways. From visualizations to whole body cryotherapy, you can create an inner intelligence that will greatly benefit your athletic ability.

Your Body’s Subtle Signals

When you’re more centered in your body and listen to its signals, you’ll be able to take steps to keep yourself safe. For instance, imagine you unknowingly cracked a bone on the top of your foot.

But you aren’t aware of your body’s subtle signals, such as a slight twinge in the area. You may miss that crucial sign that something is wrong. And you could do even more damage by continuing your same pace without granting your body the time it needs to heal,

Stretching brings your awareness into your body with each movement, allowing you to listen to your body when it speaks to you.

2. Improves Energy Flow

Stretching improves energy flow through your chakras, or energy centers of the body. Thereby, increasing your energy levels and boosting your stamina and ability to compete at your maximum potential.

Stretching promotes blood circulation, which also supports your energy flow throughout your body. This flow helps ease pain and quickens the healing process for strained muscles, as well.

3. Protects Your Heart and other Organs

Repeated physical exertion can stress your heart, lungs and other organs. Fortunately, one of the best stress solutions is adding a full body stretching routine to your schedule.

The increased blood flow will nourish depleted organs and help them bounce back after all their hard work in keeping you in pique physical performance.

4. Builds Muscle Strength

When you add stretching to your daily exercise routine, you’ll also help build muscle strength for those high-performance events.

Stretching allows for your muscles to expand and have access to more nourishing blood flow. In addition, this promotes the healthy reforming of muscle fibers as the muscles are regularly worked.

5. Enhances Flexibility and Endurance

You probably know that stretching enhances your flexibility. But it also heightens endurance and decreases your risk of injury. By keeping that nagging muscle cramp at bay, stretching keeps you moving faster longer.

Stretching also improves muscular coordination. This, in turn, gives you greater power over your muscles, reducing your chance of injury.

Your Full Body Stretching Routine

From protecting your organs to enhancing flexibility and endurance, stretching is an invaluable addition to your daily athletic training. An added bonus to stretching is that it makes you feel more alert overall and ready to tackle your next hurdle.

If you’re looking for the very best from a full body stretching routine and ways to boost your performance, contact us today!