If you’re an active person or athlete who exercises regularly, it’s easy to feel like you’re impervious to disease. It’s hard to imagine a marathon runner or fitness buff falling victim to something as simple as a common cold.

The truth is, bacteria and viruses don’t discriminate. If you have a weak immune system, it doesn’t matter how many hours you spend at the gym. You can still get sick.

Especially during the cold months, when it’s easier to catch something, it’s important to take steps to boost your immune system. The stronger your immune system is, the better it can protect you from infection and disease.

To have the best defense against illness, consider different ways that you can boost your immune system naturally. Read on to learn more about our top three recommendations.

1. Adjust Your Diet

If fitness is a part of your life, then healthy eating is probably a priority too. Knowing which foods can help you strengthen a weak immune system could impact your the way you eat.

For the strongest immune system, try incorporating the following into your diet:

  • Cloves of garlic
  • Vegetables such as mushrooms, broccoli, and brussel sprouts
  • Zinc-rich foods like chickpeas, lean meats, and poultry
  • Almonds, sunflower seeds, and other foods rich in Vitamin E

2. Try to Avoid Stress

Carrying stress around can cause lots of problems for your health, and it negatively affects your immune system as well.

When you’re stressed about a certain situation, your body releases hormones that can weaken your immune system and increase your risk for illness.

Incorporating calming activities into your daily routine can help you stay relaxed and healthy. Try going for a long walk, meditating, taking a bath, or any other activity that helps you forget about the stresses of your daily life.

3. Get Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep at night can give you more energy to tackle your day, but it can also help you stay healthy.

Deep sleep stimulates the immune system, while sleep deprivation can actually weaken it. The average adult should aim for 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night.

To get the most benefit from your sleep, create an environment so that your bedroom feels like a sanctuary. Leave all of your electronics in another room while you sleep, and surround yourself with things that calm you down and make it easier for you to drift off.

The deeper your sleep and the less you wake up in the middle of the night, the more you can benefit.

Ready to Fight Back Against a Weak Immune System?

Between work, family, and our hobbies and other activities, no one has time to get sick. We all want to be as healthy and present as possible every day, but we have to be willing to adopt the lifestyle habits that can make a reality.

Eating right, managing stress and getting enough sleep are important ways for you to naturally support your immune system so it can be as strong as possible.

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